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One Guy and his Pickup Truck

How it all Began…

Our story begins as some of the best entrepreneur stories of our day, or maybe like a good country song. It all started with one guy, a pick-up truck and an incredible level of drive. For a handful of years, James Shoffner was building houses and performing small tasks inside manufacturing plants. As he built a respectable reputation, he was able to move on to bigger and greater things. After only a few years, he officially incorporated his business in 1992. J. Shoffner General Contractor, Inc. has been evolving and growing ever since.
A Name You Can Depend On

Who We Are Today…

Unlike other general contractors, we take care of the entire process. We do both the designing and the engineering. We are fully licensed and insured, so you can trust us to do the job the right way. We’re proud to create an atmosphere that satisfies our many, long-term, experienced staff, and longstanding relationships with customers. We have the tools and the people that allow us to perform all facets of the job with excellence, and we boast in our excellent safety program and safety record. Our goal is to exceed your expectations.
Quality. Safety. On Time. Under Budget.

Our Core Values


If it isn’t done right, it isn’t worth doing. What we promise is what we deliver which means sticking to the schedule and the budget. We take pride in the quality of our work which means excellence is priority. 


Our thorough safety practices allow us to deliver work safely and efficiently. We structure our work to avoid disrupting production and work around active operations, putting the safety of our team and clients first. 

On Time

As an open shop contractor, we have no labor disputes and no work stoppage to slow your project down. Our fleets and teams are efficient and their extensive experience leads to quick turn around.

Under Budget

We save you money by not being bound to a union, and by having our own in-house teams for services such as excavation, demolition, asbestos abatement, etc. Our capabilities are extensive.

Key Employees

At J. Shoffner, innovation and collaboration drive the development of our company and the success of every project we take on. For over three decades, we’ve built our company on the strength of a forward-thinking team and mastery of the latest construction methods. Today, our tradition of building smart is alive and well. We’re guided by an innovative, experienced team that keeps J. Shoffner at the forefront of construction and design.

James Shoffner
CEO and Founder
Ben Shoffner
Superintendent of Operations
Jake Morrison
Project Manager/Estimator
Kayla Brown
Office Manager
Marisa Harris
Administrative Assistant
Custom-Engineered Steel Buildings

NUCOR Builder

We have aligned ourselves with NUCOR building systems as an authorized builder. NUCOR is North America’s most diversified steel and steel products company. We are proud to design and build to suit your specific needs, while focusing on cost effectiveness. We’re committed to building the very best for you. That’s why NUCOR is one of our valued partners.

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NUCOR custom building systems cost up to 30% less than conventional construction.


NUCOR steel buildings are extremely durable with a longer lifespan than wood structures.

Fast And

Our advanced technology leads to lower in place costs, and quicker occupancy.

Flexible And

Wide-range of applications: industrial, commercial, agricultural, community, retail, etc.


Our buildings are adaptable to a number of energy efficient insulation systems.


Our steel building systems contain over 70% recycled steel and is 100% recyclable.


Custom-designed using the latest in design technology to meet your unique needs.

Ease of

Metal walls and framework are simple to remove for easy and seamless additions.

We’ve built for the best

Exceeding expectations since 1992.

From concept to completion

We Do It All. We Do It Better. We Are J. Shoffner.