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Setting High Standards

Facility Services

We treat every project like our name is going to be stamped on it. There is truly no job too big or small for us. We give every project our all, and hold them to our high standards of quality and safety, keeping them under budget and always delivering on time. We take advantage of our in-house teams avoiding sub-contractors and additional costs.

When working with currently operating facilities, we recognize their need to maintain their every day normal in the midst of big changes. Our facilities services projects can be as simple as office remodeling and as complex as expanding a large metal industrial building. Whether you plan to modernize for the future or to rehabilitate the facade of an aged structure, you can trust J Shoffner.

Facility Maintenance

Full Service Capabilities

Our plant maintenance, expansion and building restoration service teams prioritize your company’s needs during the duration of the project. Our modifications and repairs cover a wide scope including roofs, walls, floors, office remodeling, structural maintenance and more. We’ll install siding, walls, tables, and shelves for offices and larger scale projects with the professionalism and responsiveness required to complete your time-sensitive projects.

Expansion & Remodeling

Don’t Waste Time or Money

Whether you are looking to refresh your space and give it a facelift, or you need to expand your space and grow while still maintaining regular business and production, we can help. From the smallest job to the biggest, we work to ensure that you can maintain your regular daily functions as much as possible during the construction process, while still holding to our promise of being on time and under budget.

Building Restoration

Reviving the Past

When working with an aging or historic structure, it is important that you place value in the character, craftsmanship and techniques involved in the building’s past. We are committed to restoring your structure in a way that strengthens it, and restores its structural integrity, while at the same time preserving its historical characteristics.

Emergency 24-hr Service

Apply for our preferred customer, 24 hour Emergency Service.

A Name You Can Depend On

Building our reputation on reliability and results for over 3 decades.


If it isn’t done right, then it isn’t worth doing. Excellence is essential.


We always put the safety of our team and our clients above all else in a project.

On Time

As an open shop contractor, we have no labor disputes and no work stoppage.

Under Budget

Our flexibility and extensive in-house capabilities save you valuable resources.

From Concept To Completion


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